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Welcome to Tellus Mater

Guiding and empowering you to confidently embrace the wellbeing and wild foods mother nature provides.

Foraging, well-being and enjoying nature

In a nutshell, that is what we are all about. Softly teaching others, the lessons that mother nature has gifted me. Through these lessons I have found a passion for foraging and baking/cookery. Not only is it great for your health and well-being, it can have a pretty positive impact on your pocket too. And we could all do with saving some money where we can!


Every day we are bombarded with messages about getting out and about and enjoying nature. But, you know what, sometimes life just gets in the way. There is that voice in your head saying "but I should be doing the washing, writing that report, painting the fence (insert your own job list here)" so we build up getting "out and about" and something a LOT bigger than it actually needs to be. 

Even in your own local community I am sure you can find a little pocket of nature where you can relax, pick some wild fruits, herbs or mushrooms and ignite that fire of energy that comes when you connect to something that brings you joy.

We are here to show you how!

What we do

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Foraging and Well-being walks

At Tellus Mater, we believe that nature holds the key to healing and well-being and we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery through our guided walks. Our mission is to softly guide you through the hidden treasures of the wild, showing you how to identify and appreciate the abundance of natural resources. 


Tailored events for your business

Whether you are looking to run a corporate retreat in the UK or in Europe, or you are an organisation wishing to extend your services by adding guided walks or nature-based workshops, we can help! Each package can be tailored to meet your needs, expectations and budget. 


Seminars and workshops

Lizzy is available for engaging seminars and interactive workshops designed to enrich your knowledge of the natural environment. These sessions are perfect for schools, community groups, or anyone keen to learn about our relationships and the importance of accessing time in nature for well-being.

Upcoming Events

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